Unique Micro Design

How Vorteil helped a leading RFID solutions provider save time, reduce resource overload and eliminate patching.

The Challenge

Unique Micro Design deliver numerous services to their customers that utilise IoT frameworks to bridge the digital to physical gap. All these services need to communicate to backend environments via a secure broker. The company was using Linux machines as the platform that these internet-facing components were built on, and they were dedicating excessive time and resources to deployment and patching these environments due to the risks involved to their services.

The Solution

The company used Vorteil technology to deploy internet facing front-end components of the service broker architecture, thereby delivering a significantly reduced attack envelope. The components were built using the idea of immutable infrastructure with offloaded logging and metrics, so that the components can quickly be replaced as application changes are required.


Here’s how Vorteil helped Unique Micro Design achieve their security and resource streamlining goals:

  • Significantly reduced the attack envelope of the internet-facing service broker components as there is no shell or user environment to monitor and secure.
  • The components can be directly compiled into micro VMs and no longer require a lengthy build and configure process that was used to deliver the traditional Linux environment, thus Vorteil reduced the CI/CD pipeline for deploying updated instances from hours to seconds.
  • As a byproduct of this process, the resources required to deliver the front-end components are significantly reduced and can be delivered using less physical hardware.