How a vocational education and training institution used Vorteil to securely deploy environments at scale, providing unique training instances for each student.

The Challenge

TAFE NSW needs to deploy education environments at scale – for example a training instance on an application per student in a class. However, their team had concerns about security issues stemming from the abuse of user space access on the operating systems used by the applications. Such access allowed for students to use the deployed platforms for purposes beyond the training requirements of the class, and was a security concern due to potential leak of credentials that would give OS access to the underlying platforms.

The Solution

Their team proposed using Vorteil to deploy education and training applications, rather than their traditional operating system.


Here’s how Vorteil helped TAFE NSW achieve their scaling goals:

  • Addressed the organisations security concerns by deploying the training platforms on Vorteil, thus eliminating the potential for abuse of the underlying operating system.
  • Without the ability to log in to the shell, there is no need to share OS credentials, eliminating a security concern from the training environment.
  • Delivered capacity savings as the deployed platforms require less compute resources to run.
  • Application administrators can focus all patching and update effort on the applications they deliver to students, without needing to worry about vulnerabilities in extraneous OS libraries and services.