How a cloud computing enterprise used Vorteil to improve ROI on their existing infrastructure investments for a client.

The Challenge

Nutanix had a webhosting customer that wanted to get a better return on their infrastructure investment. The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a lot of small businesses to embrace online commerce, and the hosting provider’s existing hardware was insufficient to deal with demand. In addition to new hardware, the provider was looking for new ways of achieving higher density of customer environments on a given hardware platform.

The Solution

A proof of concept engagement was undertaken to show how the most commonly requested customer application types could be delivered using Vorteil, in order to increase the application instances per hosted server.


Here’s how Vorteil helped Nutanix achieve their resource utilisation goals:

  • The three most common applications used by the hosting providers’ customers were templated as Vorteil images.
  • This increased the density of deployed solutions per server by 4x, due to reduced resource consumption of the OS layer, than would otherwise be used by the incumbent solutions.
  • In addition to the capacity savings, the hosting provider was impressed with the reduced attack surface of the deployed solutions without compromising customer functionality or provider manageability.